Spirit of Her

These photo sessions provide time and space that is sacred for you to become grounded in your body and spirit. This time can allow you do anything from let loose and dance, be weightless in water, or simply lay on the earth. I personally found this to be incredibly healing during a transition in my life, during a time of self discovery, healing, and awakening. Being naked during these shoots is about embodying your feminine, raw energy and returning to your truest self, it’s about seeing the light within you, rather than focusing on the physical. I’ll help support and guide if needed through movement, conversation, laughter, meditation, or whatever is needed during out time.

I am here to serve as a mirror to show you the beautiful, powerful person that you are.



We will spend a couple hours together in nature or location of your choice.

15 high res images




This is a grounded shoot as well as a creative shoot where I intuitively make double exposures on 35mm film with you based on your intentions, dreams, current circumstances, or preferences. We spend a few hours together in a location with intention and of your choice. This will include a call or skype prior to the day of the shoot.

20 high res images




Underwater shoot! These are usually in a pool, but can be arranged in a natural body of water. These shoots allow you to feel completely embodied, free, feminine, and powerful. Being in water also provides the perfect place to explore movement and play, as well as creating an etherial world. I will help guide you through your natural inclinations and movements. This shoot also includes intuitive double exposures on 35mm film based on your energy, intentions, dreams, or preferences. This will include a call or skype prior to the day of the shoot.

25 high res images

starting at $900


Free as a bird

Lets play all day! we can go on a mini roadtrip together, capturing portraits in different terrains, as well as an underwater shoot planned either in nature or a pool. I will intuitively shoot double exposures on 35mm film depending on your energy or preferences. These days are usually filled with thoughtful conversations, good music, and lots of play.

Full day Portrait and underwater session

30 high res images

Includes a print of your choice